Representing the next evolution in hair care- Barba is pioneering the industry, becoming the first men’s salon to offer Sombra- Shadow Enhanced micropigmentation. Using a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation, we are able to add colored pigment to areas on the skin absent from hair, giving the illusion of stubble. The process we use is tailored to each individual, creating a natural hairline. Our hairlines are unique just as the men who wear them.




SOMBRA is not a tattoo. We use different equipment compared to a traditional tattoo artists. At Barba, we utilize a digitally controlled machine and needles that are tinier compared to typical tattoo needles. These needles mimic individual hair follicles. The pigments used in Sombra contain very low levels of heavy metals. 

Traditional tattoos fade over time and can discolor. SOMBRA pigments are designed to mimic short-cropped human hair.




Anyone wanting the appearance of added hair density

Those with a shaved head looking for a more defined hairline

Alopecia sufferers

Anyone wanting to camouflage Scars, burns  and birthmarks

Those without facial hair who want the look of stubble

Non-candidates for hair restoration and transplants

Thickening or creating sideburns



SOMBRA is a long-term solution to hair loss. Our results including the color and strength should last anywhere from four to eight years. At which point, you have the option for an enhancement procedure if fading occurs.


Is it painful?

During a session, you may feel some discomfort in those sensitive areas. We manage this effectively and the discomfort wears off once the procedure is completed.



Prices by consultation